Is the HTC Flagship Worth Purchasing at This Point, or Should Fans Wait for the Next One?
13.10.2015 11:02

HTC's One M8 was an essential release on the Android market and an incredible mobile. Sure, it was still a relatively powerful flagship - but it did not actually have that "wow" effect that the M8 inspired in its users. And now that Apple have announced their latest apparatus, folks have been asking even more if Android buffs are better off waiting for the following flagship release by the company, or if the HTC One M9 is worth purchasing right now. We do not really understand if it will be anytime soon at all and when that might happen, but it looks like it's going to be a rather long delay for those who want to get the HTC ONE M10, or whatever the new device is going to be called.

The S6 is a very capable main itself, plus it managed to efficiently steal the thunder of HTC by becoming the power station of the Android marketplace and replacing HTC's offer in this respect.

The device does have its benefits that set it above other offers by a big margin, including the great camera which has excellent image processing capacities, but nonetheless, it also comes with serious hardware . It is no secret the M9 takes some rather impressive pictures that put it above its contest to a large extent, but after all, a camera isn't everything about a smartphone and the device has to offer a lot more in its overall package in order to win people over.

Functionality-wise, for example, Samsung appear to have something rather great going on with their own S6 and the mobile is a very sound main with the capacity of managing most popular Android applications easily. It is also worth noting that the Exynos processor that is so favored by recent releases by some companies is a quite able chip itself and it provides a serious performance boost. In the long run, many reviewers maintained that the HTC One M9 is really better than both the iPhones in addition to the Galaxy S6 in terms of chip performance, although the device still leaves a little bit . At least when it's compared to its predecessor that is famous, as the One M8 was seen as hands down the most effective apparatus on the Android market for quite a while and it would be difficult to defeat.

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But perhaps that is part of the problem with all the situation - folks are being a bit unfair towards the One M9, as well as their expectations towards the device aren't entirely too realistic. They keep comparing it to the One M8, or instead the presence it had on the market, and it's probably safe to presume at this stage that the One M8 was more of a one-time lucky strike for the company and not the general tendency for them.

Most definitely not - in fact, folks who do not make these comparisons have been reportedly quite satisfied with the functionality of the M9 and the features that it offers for its cost, so it looks like HTC haven't done such a bad job after all.

Nevertheless, it's also noticeable that the company's popularity has dropped marginally following the launch of the M9, and this is likely explained by the expectation folks had for the phone and the subsequent disappointment once they saw what it really had to offer.

Perhaps HTC are planning a suitable return to their "throne" with the next flagship that they are going to release - whenever that might arrive to the marketplace. But until then, folks trying to find an able Android smartphone with lots of attributes and an adequate cost should definitely not ignore the One M9, as the phone has a lot to offer to this market segment and it's not at all something to miss. As long as one does not anticipate it to be the next miracle cellphone, it should be a worthy purchase.


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